The Blagdon Bronze Turkey

The Blagdon Bronze Turkey

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If you require more than 3 of these items to please call the shop before ordering, 01670 789924.

The Blagdon Bronze Turkey has a slightly darker, more finely grained meat. The Rolls Royce of turkeys!

Choose from 3.5kg (serves 4), 4.5kg (serves 6), 5.5kg (serves 8), 6.5kg (serves 10), 7.5kg (serves 12) or 8.5kg (serves 14).

All our turkeys come to you hand dressed, oven ready with giblets and a sprig of herbs in a convenient carry box. As all our turkeys are free range we cannot guarantee the exact size but we will try our best to meet your request. The bronze turkeys have dark feathers so you may occasionally find some dark quills under the skin. This is perfectly natural and should disappear on cooking.

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