Fresh Local Vegetables

What a lovely surprise! Freshly picked purple sprouting broccoli straight from the farm. I had given up hope on it reaching the shop shelves, but Emma has worked her magic to deliver you this amazing vegetable. It has the same nutritional benefits of broccoli, just in a slimmer, more colourful version making it a lovely side dish.

‘Purple sprouting broccoli is packed with vitamin C and is a good source of carotenoids, iron, folic acid, calcium, fibre, vitamin A and B.'

You can boil, steam, roast, fry or eat it raw. What’s not to like!

This is joined by 3 types of fresh Blagdon cabbage – savoy, primo and tundra (with a matching purple hue!) 

and our Sagitta potatoes- great all-rounders.

This time of the year is known as the ‘hunger gap.’ But we still have carrots and parsnips from the Borders and leeks and swede from Morpeth. Sadly these won’t last far the into spring so take advantage while you can. If you have not yet tried the carrots and parsnips, the ‘dirty veg’ converts will tell you how amazing they taste, once you go ‘dirty veg’ there is no going back!

Northumberland Game

The main game season may be over but we do keep a small stock of whole and stuffed pheasants and wild mallard. Sadly partridge have been in short supply this year. Throughout the year we also have a range of venison, rabbits and pigeons from our local farmers and stalkers, just ask our friendly butchers for what is available. We can also prepare it to whatever specification your recipe requires.

The White Park Cattle are totally unfazed by the weather and made for the woods on Wednesday night before the snow came. They are a hardy bunch!

Keep warm, have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine between the snow showers.

Kind regards

Jo, the farm shop team and Emma the veg queen.

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