Green shoots and Muddy boots!

14th March

After what seemed like one of the mildest winters on record here at Blagdon our eyes are now firmly focused on looking for the early signs of Spring.

Springtime is a very special (and busy) time here at the farm shop with all those little things being put in place, ready so we can reap all the rewards later in the year.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be planning the planting of our vegetables (everything from lettuce to purple sprouting broccoli). Our vegetables make us so very happy as they epitomise all that we are about here at Blagdon. They taste delicious, are sewn and cut by hand, grown under nets to remove the need for pesticides and are picked fresh every morning by the lads on the farm and into us here at the shop in less than 15 minutes. I think that if you were to have to describe what is truly meant by “local food” the story of our veggies must surely be a pretty good representation.

Also on the farm Andy and his team will getting ready to turn out our beef cattle, after what must seem to them as nothing more than a protracted Autumn. I will be going to the farm when the cattle are turned out so I’ll take a few snaps and put them on our social media feeds for everyone to see.

Meanwhile here at the shop we are working on some delicious new recipes on both the Craft Butchery and the Bakehouse. The Butchery boys have just created a spicy chorizo chicken parcel as well as a couple of new award winning sausages. Elaine, Michelle and Sonia are only now just recovering from British Pie Week which saw them make over 300 handmade pies in less than 4 days.