Is this it?

09th August

To say the last few months have been eventful would be an understatement! The closing of our counter in Fenwick Food Hall, because of internal decision taken by Fenwick to move Food Hall in a different direction, surprised even some of the less regular visitors to the counter. After the initial shock of the decision, as with all things Blagdon, we started to look for the positives and it has been so nice to see so many “Fenwick faces” here at Milkhope, many for the first time.

As I was driving into the shop this morning I was wondering at what point does something become recognized as being the norm?  I’m speaking with regards to The Great British Summer. I don’t know if it’s just a case of looking backwards in time with rose tinted glasses at those long, warm summer days spent as a child at Edglingham, that as soon as we arrive in June we expect Southern Mediterranean type weather for the next 3 months. The reality seems to be a little different, with hot weather in late April and September punctuated by a lot of wet weather and the odd sunny day now seeming to be the norm. This makes traditional farming (and farm retailing) very difficult so Andy and his team at home farm work hard on sourcing and drilling varieties and strains of crops which grow better in these changed climatic conditions.

So in closing this latest missive from me can I once again thank all of you, new and old, our lovely customers for your continued support as it really is you who make us here at Blagdon who we are.