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Overcoming adversity not only makes you stronger, it makes you more hopeful.
Valerie Jarrett.

Sitting here on a beautiful mid-autumn morning and reading the quote above my mind drifts back to Spring and the extraordinary weather we all endured and the resilience shown by our staff, suppliers and customers. Through it all, we didn’t lose a single day of trading, all staff got here and home safely and we had fresh bread and milk delivered daily and on sale the whole time. It might seem slightly unfair to pick out any single person or company, but I think that I must make an exception and mention David Baynes and his family at Northumberland Pedigree who supply our milk. They not only delivered to all their normal customers but also delivered to those unable to get out in and around Hexham in their pick-ups and tractor, and with so much empty space appearing on the supermarket shelves at the time this spirit and the impact the weather had on the big supermarkets simply reaffirms to me why it is we do what we do here at Blagdon. Small, passionate businesses supporting each other, with short supply chains, who are interwoven into the very fabric of local communities and provide not only vital economic and employment support, but who also go to sometimes unbelievable lengths to keep the cogs turning.

With uncertainty seemingly growing daily as to what life in a post brexit world will look like, the example above simply highlights to me how important these local bonds and supply chains are. We are optimistic bunch here at Blagdon and prefer to look at a problem as an opportunity rather than something to be avoided, and it’s with this in mind we feel sure that, thanks to our lovely customers in no small way, that whatever the eventual outcome next March we will continue play our part in making sure that the bread and milk get through!

Regular customers will be aware that we have in our time won the odd award or two, but this year we were honoured to be crowned the inaugural National Game Champion at a reception at The House of Lords, but more about that on page 2! This award recognised our “unbelievable commitment to all things game”. The boys and girls on our Craft Butchery are rightly very proud and have some amazing and delicious new game dishes lined up for you over the next few months.

So in closing, can I once again thank you for your continued support and custom over the last year and hope you and those close to you have a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year.

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